Top Four Websites Every New Business Owner Needs

The Internet makes life easier for most users, business owners included. Via the web, entrepreneurs can find information related to finances, management, business procedures, andmuch more. Like, the following websites were built to help small business owners succeed.

United States Small Business Administration –
The US Small Business Administration (SBA) is a government agency that helps small businesses, primarily with financial aid. While the SBA does not actually provide any loans, they do offer guarantees that make obtaining a loan much easier on most business owners. Many lenders are much quicker to lend more to an SBA-approved business.

Along with its financial help, the SBA provides a comprehensive look at managing a business from start to finish. They offer helpful how-to guides written by experienced business professionals, andprovide many tips and forms that help you strategize and plan. The SBA’s website currently offers over 25 free online courses that cover everything from business plans to marketing strategies. Most courses take only 30 minutes or less to complete, and you can enjoy these detailed resources at your own pace.
is an online andprint publication that gives an inside look at starting and maintaining a business. This website offers an encyclopedia to help answer general questions and to define common business terms. also provides a comprehensive how-to section with articles on everything from naming your business to opening new locations. You can also use to gather franchising information.

Forbes –
provides up-to-date news coverage on business and financial matters. You can find news updates around the clock, check the stock market, watch videos, and read business blogs. The website also has a section exclusively for entrepreneurs to find out the latest small business news.

Internal Revenue Service –
Compliance with IRS regulations is crucial to the success of your business, and this website can help you learn more about your requirements. The business section of the IRS website gives detailed tax information for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and corporations. If you have questions about when and how much to pay when tax time rolls around, this website can give you a head start. Though this website will allow you to get a great start on your taxes, to properly file for your business you should always contact an income tax professional.

If you ever need your small business questions answered, you should take a look at these sites as they should be able to answer most questions.  Good luck!


About Shanon
Shanon Hudson, an Atlanta native, is a visionary and entrepreneur. Shanon attended Morris Brown College and Herzing University where he studied Finance and Entrepreneurship. He has been a business and strategic consultant for over 10 years. He brings the strategic focus and mature business judgment gained during the last decade of diverse C.E.O. experience with a variety of entrepreneurial businesses.

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