About Me

Shanon Hudson, an Atlanta native, is a visionary and serial entrepreneur.  Shanon attended Morris Brown College and Herzing University where he formally studied Finance and Entrepreneurship.  He has been a business and strategic consultant for over 10 years.  He brings the strategic focus and mature business judgment gained during the last decade of diverse C.E.O. experience with a variety of entrepreneurial businesses.

Shanon Hudson has spent his business career in executive suites in almost every industry ranging from consumer retail, real estate investment, entertainment, publishing, telecommunications, financial management and small business consulting.  This medley of varied experiences has melded into an uncanny knack for relating to and understanding the needs of an extremely broad spectrum of people of every walk of life.  His overall role of this company is to help educate aspiring entrepreneurs acheive the success they want and desire with their passions.

Shanon Hudson’s growth is based on four main principles, which are the keys to his success:

Independence, Objectivity, Competence and Passion.

The best ways to contact me are:

Email: shanonhudson@gmail.com

Twitter: @ShanonHudson

Skype: wealth_success

Phone: (404) 399-5404 Direct

Please do not hesitate to use any of those resources to contacting me to getting started on your path to Wealth a& Success…

Shanon Hudson

President, Founder and CEO


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