Ludacris and His Daughter Launch Educational Website and Kids

It’s every successful parent’s hope for their child to follow in their footsteps. In the case of rapper/actor/entrepreneur Chris “Ludacris” Bridges his 10-year-old daughter Karma Bridges has done just that—twice over. The budding entrepreneur, alongside her father, recently launched,, an interactive Website that uses music and games as educational tools. Geared towards elementary school students (grades 1-6), Karma’s World reinforces the message that learning can be fun. “When you talk aboutBlack Enterprise and we talk about building wealth for our families and our kids,” says Ludacris. “I’m extremely proud and extremely excited about this.”

Blending entertainment and education, the site currently features nine original songs that are all performed by Karma. With subject matter covering everything from mathematics and geography to proper manners and self-esteem, the music contains a family-friendly message that’s also a learning tool. Listeners can sing along to the lyrics, which are posted on the site, and with their parents permission can purchase any of the songs via iTunes. An additional batch of tracks will be added to the library in the coming months. “People may have heard about kids songs but they may have never heard them in this way,” says Ludacris. “It’s like urban and pop songs mixed together.”

Karma’s World also features educational games that focus on reading, writing and arithmetic. In addition to being grade specific, the content highlights a different lesson plan for teachers and tips for parents every time the site is refreshed. There’s even a “more challenging” section for young people that wish to test their brainpower with Karma’s Crosswords and Scrambled Continents games. “[Karma’s World] is just amazing and I’m extremely excited about it,” Ludacris beams. “It’s about to be a revolution.”

Ludacris and His Daughter Launch Educational Website and Kids

Promoting to Wealth and Success

If you have a product or service that you receive or want to receive income from, then you have to embed in your mind that you are the “Heavyweight Promoter of the World”. You have to be ferocious in thought and energy.  Creating a marketing and promotional plan that is researched and strategically developed that will build your brand astronomically.  This is a step in your business plan that will require a lot of ground work activity from ‘YOU” the owner.  This will give you the experience needed for duplication of your efforts.  You  will then be able to create an accountability plan for employees carrying out your mission.


When I take on a new project, I have to know that there is a budget in place for marketing and promotion.  There is an initial marketing plan that I employ using website and logo design, business cards, flyers, yard signs, direct mail campaign, social media campaign, PPC campaign and maybe radio.  There also has to be a budget for the promotion as well because it cost to have to distribute marketing material and utilizing time to send out social media updates, mailing advertisements, and email blasts.  The cost of fees for a local newspaper for distribution.  The mindset has to be one of a militant whereas you HAVE to begin early in the morning and going sometimes late in the evening.  A lot of energy is being exuded during this period because your efforts will determine your initial revenue until you established working relationships with your customers.  The process of developing relationships will create friendships and followers of your brand.  Word of mouth will begin to occur and you will have to spend more time cultivating relationships and maintaining your database.  The income you will be receiving should help you pay for a street team or outsource social media services to work at home individuals.  At any rate, the process of going out and letting people know about your product or service has to be relentless.  You have to fearless.  You have to believe that once someone talks with you that you will be walking with a sale of your product or service.

Wealth and Success is a mindset and every level of development has to resonate this mindset.  Promotion is no different from development, planning, financing, networking, etc.  You have to exert 100 % effort.  This is one time where if you feel like you need to go hard this is the time.  The bigger your campaign the more credible it looks for your target market to becoming life long customers.  At that point the follow-up and management of your database plays the intrical part towards reaching your end result.   I will discuss later the details of client relationship management.  Thank you for sharing your time with me.

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Shanon-Michael Hudson

Shanon-Michael Hudson

This is my first training blog called Wealth and Success through Entrepreneurship.


I, Shanon-Michael Hudson, an Atlanta native, is a Visionary and Entrepreneur.  I attended Morris Brown College and Herzing University where I studied Finance and Entrepreneurship.  I have been a business and strategic consultant for over 10 years.  I bring the strategic focus and mature business judgment gained during the last decade of diverse C.E.O. experience with a variety of Entrepreneurial businesses.

Hudson and Associates International Corporation, where I am the Founder and CEO, was developed to fulfill the need for proper education and training with starting small businesses.  As an aspiring Entrepreneur, I found there weren’t any reliable resources to walk me through the initial start and continuation of operating my business venture.  I went to the SBA office downtown Atlanta and was disappointed in the lack of attention and assistance received from the representative and I wondered how many people shared this same bad experience.

I researched consulting companies, coaches, guru’s, business professionals and they were all too expensive for a guy like me with passion, determination, but no money and no credit. There were no FREE workshops or seminars on Entrepreneurship in my local community.  Well, I attended a few seminars but they ended up being on MLM opportunities.

So I started studying.  I woke up each day with the mindset to learn all I could about starting a business and the success principles of Entrepreneurship.  I read a lot of leadership books, and even enrolled in a local college studying Entrepreneurship.   I retained all the knowledge and wisdom on business success processes and systems.  I wanted to share these experiences with people just like me wanting and needing more with having a successful small business.  I learned the legalities of starting a business, operational structures,  marketing of a business including developing web pages, campaigning in social media, blogging, writing articles, video marketing, etc. branding yourself as the expert in your industry.  I learned how to generate FREE leads putting yourself at the forefront of your business to earn a lot of money from your business.  I learned financial statements, tax law, daily bookkeeping, building business credit and establishing trade credit with other businesses.  I also learned the importance of having your team “Circle of Wealth” in your business, outsourcing different components, placing your business on automation so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor.

In this quest, I have developed the “Wealth and Success” Mindset that I am sharing with aspiring Entrepreneurs just like me.  I am becoming financially free from applying these principles and this blog is created to share my experiences and lessons with you.

Let’s get on this journey together.  Dialogue, comment, build a relationship.  I would love to hear from you.  Shalom.