Project Wealth & Success

Project Wealth & Success, LLC is an Atlanta-based company that offers several programs, the primary program being our tutorial services in Math, English, Reading Comprehension, Foreign Languages, Writing, Test preparation for CRCT, SAT, ACT and Entrepreneurship Enrichment programs for K – 12th grade students transitioning them to become successful business owners within their communities. This is combined with a Sports and Nutrition program that encompasses what we strive for with our youth and which is Wealth and Success in their lives.

Project Wealth & Success is geared toward enhancing academic growth, introducing young people to business mindsets and fundamentals thus becoming entrepreneurial thinkers, and being active in athletics while learning proper nutrition. We believe it is important to give young people choices teaching them how to recognize and execute superior ideas, therefore, being intellectually sound, generating and creating opportunities that increase revenue within the community and personally, and living healthy lives.

Tutorial Program

The primary goals for the P.W.S. tutoring agency are to increase the value of education, affirm students’ strengths and knowledge, increase and enrich student achievement in all academic areas. Our P.W.S. tutors work closely with local school curriculum providing the most individualized instructional strategies for each student and support for parents.

Our approach is unique as we pinpoint your child’s learning needs through pre and post assessment testing, creating personalized learning plans. We provide certified and caring tutors for your child, regular progress reports, and convenient options to increase your child’s learning needs.

Entrepreneurship Program

Project Wealth & Success is an educational agency created to provide and facilitate workshops taught by teachers and business owners through hands on activities and cooperative learning strategies that focus on being responsible, believing in yourself, helping others, working with a team, financial stability, and growth. Project Wealth & Success goal is to promote independent productive thinkers academically and self-sufficient leaders inclined to contribute to the social and economic development of their community.

Sports Training

Our vision for our basketball training program is to provide a camp that is specifically designed for developing the skill set aspiring youth boys and girls basketball players. We intend to fulfill this mission through concentrated efforts in the areas of teaching the fundamentals of different skill sets and advanced skills in relation to shooting and dribbling, increasing basketball knowledge for game time situations, improving conditioning, power, speed, and agility.

Click Here to view Project Wealth & Success’ website to learn how to get your child involved in our program or contact (404) 707-8750 to speak to an education consultant.


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