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Shanon-Michael Hudson

Shanon-Michael Hudson

This is my first training blog called Wealth and Success through Entrepreneurship.


I, Shanon-Michael Hudson, an Atlanta native, is a Visionary and Entrepreneur.  I attended Morris Brown College and Herzing University where I studied Finance and Entrepreneurship.  I have been a business and strategic consultant for over 10 years.  I bring the strategic focus and mature business judgment gained during the last decade of diverse C.E.O. experience with a variety of Entrepreneurial businesses.

Hudson and Associates International Corporation, where I am the Founder and CEO, was developed to fulfill the need for proper education and training with starting small businesses.  As an aspiring Entrepreneur, I found there weren’t any reliable resources to walk me through the initial start and continuation of operating my business venture.  I went to the SBA office downtown Atlanta and was disappointed in the lack of attention and assistance received from the representative and I wondered how many people shared this same bad experience.

I researched consulting companies, coaches, guru’s, business professionals and they were all too expensive for a guy like me with passion, determination, but no money and no credit. There were no FREE workshops or seminars on Entrepreneurship in my local community.  Well, I attended a few seminars but they ended up being on MLM opportunities.

So I started studying.  I woke up each day with the mindset to learn all I could about starting a business and the success principles of Entrepreneurship.  I read a lot of leadership books, and even enrolled in a local college studying Entrepreneurship.   I retained all the knowledge and wisdom on business success processes and systems.  I wanted to share these experiences with people just like me wanting and needing more with having a successful small business.  I learned the legalities of starting a business, operational structures,  marketing of a business including developing web pages, campaigning in social media, blogging, writing articles, video marketing, etc. branding yourself as the expert in your industry.  I learned how to generate FREE leads putting yourself at the forefront of your business to earn a lot of money from your business.  I learned financial statements, tax law, daily bookkeeping, building business credit and establishing trade credit with other businesses.  I also learned the importance of having your team “Circle of Wealth” in your business, outsourcing different components, placing your business on automation so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor.

In this quest, I have developed the “Wealth and Success” Mindset that I am sharing with aspiring Entrepreneurs just like me.  I am becoming financially free from applying these principles and this blog is created to share my experiences and lessons with you.

Let’s get on this journey together.  Dialogue, comment, build a relationship.  I would love to hear from you.  Shalom.